Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Goodbye Holidays!

The days of holiday gluttony are over for me and good riddance to them. I for one am happy to get back to normal and shed these unwanted pounds that have attached themselves to my frame. Back to a healthy lifestyle and trying to move this body fast enough to warm up in these frigid temperatures. It's way too cold for comfort in my opinion. I actually remember the days that I used to look forward to this coldness so I wouldn't sweat so much, now I can't stand going under 60 degrees because I freeze so easily, Brrrrrr.

The holidays were nice this year, so I'm not complaining too much on that front. We ended up creating a beautiful gingerbread house with my sister, husband, and MIL. It was a lot of fun! Now I just have to throw it away since there weren't any kids to gobble it up ROFL.


Anonymous Nyleen said...

Awww look at our beautiful creation!! Im glad I wasnt there for you to throw it away... would have tugged at my heart strings.. :( hehe

The holidays were fun :) But I definitely think as we decorate your house more and more holiday-friendly that it'll create an even warmer atmosphere :)

About you being cold.. I cant help but say it once again - its about damn time you understand how we all felt when we complained that it was cold and you denied us access to the heater or looked at us like freaks for bundling up in 15 layers of clothing. :P

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Susan said...

Hi Flavia, I just had to stop by and say hi! Then I laughed because we made gingerbread houses too, argh! We made them with my Girl Scout troop, then at my MIL's, then at my own parents' on New Year's Eve. I lasted through all those houses without a bite until the last one! Hubby and I ate it driving back from L.A. It was a bad idea to have it in the car when we were locked up in there for 8 hours!

Anyway, happy new year and thank goodness the gluttonous holidays are over!

- Susan

4:43 PM  

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