Monday, November 13, 2006

As my lovely sister pointed out, I'm quite lazy about posting these days aren't I? Ha, I could count the number of people who even read my blog on one hand, so it's probably not a big deal whether I write or not.

At any rate, there is some new news. I'll be studying for the CFA exam on my way to becoming a financial analyst. The first exam is next June and then every subsequent June for the next 3 years, so long as I pass each one that is. I'm confident that I will, I know my capabilities well enough. The hardest aspect will be reacquainting myself with a Texas Instrument calculator , it's been several years already now. Hopefully, after the first or second exam I'll be on my way to applying the knowledge. I am at least familiar with the subject matter from college.

This is all that's new in my world. I'm trying to keep behaving myself ;).


Anonymous Nyleen said...

:) much better now :P lol

7:35 PM  
Anonymous kayah said...

I read it. Hugs to you. My life is too complicated. Susan

12:20 PM  

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