Thursday, May 08, 2008

My Little Hellion

It's funny how I used to think I had no time, but compared to now with an almost 3 month old, I had a lot of time before. My daughter was born on Feb 11th and is beautiful. She looks just like her daddy. But nobody could have prepared me for how high maintenance she is, not to mention the severe case of colic that lasted the first 2 months. Life with kids is quite the ride.

Of course, my body needs to lose quite a bit of weight at this point and I'm starting to head in the right direction. The biggest challenge is sleep deprivation and the lack of fanaticism that I used to have. I will prevail as always despite the challenge.

This is Lorelai Rose:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Very little time to go

Hopefully my daughter will decide to arrive early (or on time) versus late. 3 more weeks to go before her actual due date. I'm excited to finally get to meet her and also to get my body back even though that will take alot of work. It's all worth it though and like Susan reminded me, being able to get pregnant was one of the reasons I lost the weight in the first place.

At least her room is ready and we're ready for her as well.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

To a Great New Year!

Here's hoping that 2008 is a fantastic New Year! If for no other reason, my daughter will make this a great year. Just 1 more month to go before becoming a mommy and living a dream come true many years in the making.

To update the baby shower, it was quite a success and many friends and family came to celebrate with us. We had a very good time and my sister did a phenomenal job of setting the place up and running the show. Who knew baby shower games could be such a hit!? LOL We had the clothespin game going where you weren't allowed to say baby all night and if you did the person that heard you took away your clothespin(s). At the end of the night the one with the most won the game. It was quite a riot to watch grown people fighting over clothespins haha.

Christmas and New Years were good times as well. Nothing too extraordinary to tell, but good times with family and friends is what makes the holidays great.

We're almost done with the nursery. I can't wait until that's finished and I can begin organizing in there. It's looking very pretty and girly. Hopefully she'll be on time and not late, I'm ready to have her.

I hope all my friends have had a wonderful holiday season and I hope your New Years is fantastic!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's been forever...

So, it's been a very long time since I've posted in my blog and I expected it to be much longer in reality. However, here I am for anyone who reads this. At this point I'm 7 months pregnant (about 30 1/2 weeks in) and will have my baby shower this Saturday thanks to my sister and great, wonderful friends! I feel very blessed to be where I am. We've been trying for this child for 5 years and this has truly been the easiest pregnancy I could ever wish for! No morning sickness, no strange or irresistable cravings, no pains, etc. It has been wonderful. The only downside has been the weight gain, but I will lose it all and then some after having the baby, that is the only option in my book.

Our little girl will be named Lorelai Rose. I can't wait to meet her and am in love with her already. We have a few new outfits and we've started on renovations to make our computer room her room. Daddy is ecstatic and he's been working incredibly hard!

I've also found a great resource and support system at

Punky Moms

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Water with Lemon

I'm newly re-inspired and completely in love with the book Water with Lemon. Now, it doesn't contain anything I really didn't know before reading it, but this book helped change my perspective, inspire me, and truly help get rid of the "guilt" feelings of dieting and gave me a fresh perspective. I've taken off 163 lbs in the last year and a half, 7 of which I'm re-losing right now, and yet failed many times to wrap my head around the fact that my eating habits are to be forever changed. I don't know about others, but that was a very difficult lesson for me. Well, this book helped me finally wrap my head around it and realize how to look at things. It doesn't truly matter if I eat 2000 calories one day because I'm hungrier than usual or if I actually stay at 1200 calories another day. What matters is that I listen to what my body is asking for and fuel it with things that are beneficial to it until I'm no longer hungry, not stuffed. I'm finally truly getting that and this book got me there. I recommend it to anyone who wants some inspiration.

At any rate, I'm happy, I'm healthy, I'm moving my body, and the rest will take care of itself ;).

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Goodbye Holidays!

The days of holiday gluttony are over for me and good riddance to them. I for one am happy to get back to normal and shed these unwanted pounds that have attached themselves to my frame. Back to a healthy lifestyle and trying to move this body fast enough to warm up in these frigid temperatures. It's way too cold for comfort in my opinion. I actually remember the days that I used to look forward to this coldness so I wouldn't sweat so much, now I can't stand going under 60 degrees because I freeze so easily, Brrrrrr.

The holidays were nice this year, so I'm not complaining too much on that front. We ended up creating a beautiful gingerbread house with my sister, husband, and MIL. It was a lot of fun! Now I just have to throw it away since there weren't any kids to gobble it up ROFL.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Well, it has taken me a while but I'm really starting to get into the holiday spirit now. Tomorrow my sister will come over and we're going to build a gingerbread house with my hubby, myself and probably my mother-in-law. My sister and I made a pact to start collecting indoor Christmas decorations to go all out next year and start new traditions. We really don't decorate enough right now and it makes it more difficult to get into the season.

My only complaint about the holiday: having to clean! LOL it could be worse I suppose. I love cooking so I don't mind it at all, I just wish people were more health conscious and appreciated healthier meals. Since that won't happen I do my best but the dishes aren't what I'd prefer for a guilt-free holiday. This season has been particularly difficult for me in terms of eating behavior. I hope it is only the season and I can regain my focus quickly and with a vengeance. Being extremely cold hasn't helped me at all. I really feel like my limbs are frozen solid half the time!

I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and keeps the holiday spirit alive! I'll be thinking of all the great friends I've made this last year while trying to party up the night on Christmas Eve :).