Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Remember When?

So how the heck does time fly by so fast yet everyday is slow? I don't get it, how can it be that my 10 yr highschool reunion has come and gone? How can it be that my best friend and I have known each other for 15 years? How can it be that my little baby sister is a woman? How can it be that I've been out of college for 6 years? How can all these things have happened when I can't always remember the events that filled the years up?


/rambling on

I cannot express how much I love sushi. It truly is my favorite food in the world. So I am very happy that the restaurant chosen for my sister-in-law's birthday dinner tonight has sushi. Last night I had sushi, and truly I could eat it every night. I don't understand why people don't like it. And to think I used to hate the thought of even going to a sushi place! Plus I hated all fish, cooked or raw, and now I really like fish (cooked an raw). I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but I LOVE it!

/rambling off

Traffic and People

I will forever be amazed at how much traffic there is in LA. No matter how wide the freeway, or what day it is, one thing will always be guaranteed: There WILL be traffic to get from point A to point B. What's worse is that it can take you 30 minutes to drive 10 miles and you're lucky if that's the case. Will we ever get used to it? Isn't LA or NY the capital of road rage or something?

On a different note, people. I really hate it when someone is too lazy to do something themself so you end up doing it for them and then it's the but why didn't you do this or why didn't you notice that, etc. It makes you feel like crap because once it's pointed out you realize you should've done it if you'd known it required doing! Bah, it just sucks.

Biggest Loser

I'm up past my bedtime but I just finished watching the season finale (I taped it) and WOW! They look so freakin' amazing!! It just blew me away how almost everyone that was on the show this season looks so awesome and fit! I'm so happy for Pete, that man lost 1/2 of himself. I would have preferred Seth to win over Mark personally, but the 3 of them truly deserved to win. The kind of transformation these contestants have made is exactly what I'm going for and expect to have accomplished by my birthday next year. It just feels so great to see their success! To think it's only 8 months total time that they lost all that weight.

I'm very inspired by this show, especially when you get to the point that the losses are more noticeable. I even got on the eliptical and worked out hard for 30 minutes while watching the show lol. I wasn't even planning on working out tonight! hah.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New Beginnings

So many new beginnings all the time in my life. This will be one of many. My plans for this blog is to have it serve as a sounding board and to share my weight loss journey as well as any other journey I embark on :).

In general I'm a very private person. I don't make a habit of announcing things on a public forum but I realize that I'm missing a place that I can just write little things and look back on them so here we are.

The biggest, on-going change in my life is my weight loss journey. I started using NutriSystem on June 27, 2005 and thus far have lost 83 lbs to date. I feel so fantastic it's undescribable! I am a new person and work hard at losing every pound for myself and no one else. My husband gets to enjoy the perks to this but it's about what I feel. Being overweight I don't express the person inside and I don't act the way I want to act. Instead I hide from events because I don't look good enough or I don't feel good enough, whatever. I'm tired of hiding.

At any rate, more to come and thanks for stopping by!